When does Pinegrow 3.0 come?

The docs are getting an overhaul which is great and hopefully will be more user friendly, the PG team certainly seem to be doing a good job on it, docs are better structured and easier to navigate.

Site looks much better. They must be getting ready for the big release.:sunglasses:

I don’t see any change on the main site, even has the empty class tag on the opening HTML tag still.

The forum has a update though.

Now I can get rid of that dreaded “Placeholder” - always wondered if that was possible


I get this message now.


Maybe because you’re running windows Terry :grinning:

Just a suggestion: if you are looking for something to do rapid prototyping I would suggest Webflow.
Not associated with them. I just use it to built wireframes all the time and even full web mockups to hand to a developer.

PInegrow is our developer :grinning:

If you take the time to build your own blocks and snippets, Pinegrow is as rapid as any software for mock-ups, but I think the issue is most people find the UI confusing, so hopefully this will change with 3.0.

@cricket346 that looks interesting

Any update on this?
Still alive? :slight_smile:

Pinegrow v.2.99 or something to keep the fire burning

Hopefully the old adage of “no news is good news”, and the developers are hard at work bringing spectacular things in Pinegrow version 3. Some general nuggets of what’s coming would be nice however, so we don’t over anticipate in our own imaginations. :wink:

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I think I’d prefer that the developers would focus their energies on bringing out v3 than adding small changes to v2 just to make us feel like they are doing something. Of course the hard part of that is we have to be patient which is a bit like asking a child to go to sleep on Christmas Eve when all they want is for the next morning to arrive so they can unwrap the gift. Just my thoughts on it :slight_smile:

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Some PG 3.0 news for you


I spotted the sexy menu, nice blue :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to Pinegrow 3.0. Multiple page view will improve my workflow for mobile first design.

Another sneak preview of Pinegrow 3

The Amazing Tree

I have been rather curious if these sneak peak videos via the “Countdown to Pinegrow 3.0” video series, are showing the actual new UI? Or just simply features that are already in place?

@Pinegrow_User the videos are showing the actual new UI. Some parts of it are still work in progress, but in general, what you see is what you’ll get :wink:

Awesome!!! Fabulous!

I mean… the way, … that MULTIPLE H2’s are searched in the tree and… and and… have styling applied to them…
directly…no grovelling around in the CSS editor! (mmm, I wonder what they are applied to though? styles.css etc? is there a setting someone that tells it where to put this?)

But, anyway, GREAT! that alone is awesome.
and THAT POP OUT… window! for STUFF!


…ummm… Gulp …will it… sweats… run under… Mac OS X 10.6 … ok…?.. gulps some more.

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