When does Pinegrow 3.0 come?

Thanks for taking time to respond @Martin. The reveal of the new features look really nice so far. I’m looking forward to learn more about all of v3’s added features as they are revealed, as well as see the new UI in it’s entirety when v3 is released.

Seriously i wake up everyday anticipating when PG 3 will be out, do we get at least rumored date when it will be out, because i seem to losing touch with the current version


oh, “Post must be at least 20 characters”! I’ve never seen that before.
…maybe I write too much :wink:

@benjis I’m sure @schpengle could start a rumour about the release date but that’s all it would be :slight_smile:

Bzzzzt…bzzZZZT>CLICK±±±±… CracKleZ…
HELLO!..gzzzzht!.. CRicK>… Hello PIneGrow UserDZZZZT.


This isdddzt…UNicorn Centra…

Schpengle SCCccccccdzzzzpeaking!

Come in!
I dont DZZZZT… KApOW! … Have mucBlIP!.. Time.
But I heat DDDDDZT Cracklie
It should be out by the se…> FRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZzzzzzzz!! T!

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:joy: oh no just when we thought we’d get a launch date

:joy: Very very funny @schpengle. i still wish i had a speculative date.

We’re aiming for May / June - as soon as possible :slight_smile:


May/June @matjaz ?! wow so cool ! i’m over-excited by that news
(I’m like a little kid)

Hey @matjaz I hope you’ve added

  • Create and edit spreadsheets
  • Add overlays to images
  • Add background color to every element with a single click
  • Publish website to host in one click

Chocolate! Just chocolate.

PineGrow 3.0 DEFINATELY needs a CTP!


Thats a CHOCOLATE Transfer Client!

Publish…Schmublish… :slight_smile: Priorities here :smiley:

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@schpengle hopefully they will include a photo editor so I can ditch my professional chrome app which apparently became deprecated two years ago, I really need to start spending some actual money on software from the big boys.

@Jack_Clarity Affinity Photo at €49.99 you can’t go wrong

@rob does that come with a free laptop running windows or mac?

This is what I use for basic editing

I have the early version before they started to charge for the pro features.

https://www.gimp.org for more advanced work.

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and I use this (on my free mac :smiley: )

Where do I sign up??

hee hee hee… well I had to run my mates wedding …which had 350 people, and I ended up there for 2 months prepping and cleaning up everything. I wouldn’t take any money, so he bought me THIS MAC! back in 2009. still going strong!


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That blows my machine out of the water!

This is what I run (wiped ChromeOS to install Linux)

Much like your MAC it runs everything you need to be a web designer, web developer or graphic designer, free and cheap, thats how to enter the industry !

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I’ve been using my IPAD Mini 2 for showing websites to clients ( it has the retina display) as the only downside to the chromebook is the screen.

I’m just stubborn and refuse to upgrade while the chromebook hasn’t let me down.

My bad on this topic… I seem to have misdirected the conversation away from “When does Pinegrow 3.0 come?” so I’m link back to @matjaz reply earlier here.

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