When starting Pinegrow it overwrites the style sheets

Hi, I would like to briefly explain my structure and then ask about the behaviour.

I have a bootstrap 4 template, which I am editing.
I have a local development framework on macOS where the root document is in a folder called “wwwroot”.
I have created a project in PW where “wwwroot” is part of the framework.

So when PW reads the components that already exist, it detects Bootstrap and so far no problem.

Between edits, PW has created a folder called “bootstrap_theme” where it generates a new bootstrap stylesheet. Technically there wouldn’t be any problem, since that stylesheet overwrites the one that already exists inside the Template I’m editing.

The problem is that when I upload my local development via git, it only uploads what is inside “wwwroot”, leaving “bootstrap_template” outside.

I’ve managed to solve this from the stylesheet manager, detaching the PW stylesheet and attaching the one inside the template. Everything works perfectly.

But when I close the project and go back to work on it, PW comes back and loads and sets by default the one that belongs to “bootstrap_theme”.

I hope I have explained well and you can help me to tell PW not to load this style sheet or tell me what is the best workflow, editing template that already contain these components.

Best regards and thanks.