When will blocks for WP be updated to V4?

Really love the blocks for Wordpress, but I generally use Bootstrap 4, so I avoid using the blocks for WP.
Would be great if these were updated soon.

Could I use Bootstrap 4 with 3 blocks?

Hi there.

Well, yes and no , better say no, just to be safe as some things in BS 4 dont actually exist in BS 3 and vice versa
ie Cards - in Bootstrap 4, they replace, Wells and some other stuff…

I came a cropper following some tutorials with those… no can do.

SO if your using BLocks that use Wells and thumbnails and the like…
but link to Bootstrap 4… your goosed.

THey wont work.
since there is NO CODE for wells and thumbnails (I think that is one of the replaced articles) IN Bootstrap 4.
you will only find CARDS code instead.

Unless … you add… Bootstrap…3 code.
To BS4… might get messy!
and conflicts. not sure.

But there you go.
There are others far more knowledgeable than me in this, but
Everyone must be busy, so you get me!
SOrry :slight_smile: