Convert Page to Blocks?

I spend a lot of time on a new Bootstrap 4 page, not realizing blocks would be inaccessible.

Is it possible to convert a Bootstrap 4 page into a Bootstrap Blocks page so blocks are usable?

Thank you

Figured it out. It’s not converting, just activating an additional library/plugin. Instructions for everyone…

Click File
Manage Libraries & Plugins
Bootstrap Blocks

I only updated my one page, since that’s all that’s in my project at the moment. Hopefully I’m doing everything right. So far, it’s working!

All libraries/plugins in the list which can be activated using these same steps are:

Server-side Scripts
Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap Blocks for WP
Bootstrap Blocks
Foundation 5
Foundation 6.5
960 Grid
Font Awesome 4
Font Awesome 5
Materialize 0.97.5
Word Press
current file/project
Load component library - Load Plugin - Learn how to create Pinegrow plugins

Hope this helps someone else :smiley:


Yes but no.
This is not a good idea as Blocks have a bootstrap 3 structure and major differences with Bootstrap 4.

So, in short, don’t do that.

To my knowledge there is currently no automatic (automagic) solution within Pinegrow and elsewhere to convert BS3 projects into BS4.

As earnoud said, the “blocks” that are included with Pinegrow are limited to Bootstrap 3. You might want to take a look at this site:

The site is owned by a forum member, benhanna and he makes a lot of really nice stuff for PG, and is very helpful with any questions you may have.

I just ordered Pinegrow editor! No more trial mode for me.

The free bootstrap 4 blocks are working out good. The website emailed me a “how to install” link which was helpful. They look really nice. I’ll probably end up purchasing some more from there, maybe plugins too, especially if there’s a parallax plugin :grin:

Thank you for both the recommendations!

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