WordPress and Godaddy

Can I build a WordPress site and upload it to a WordPress server like Godaddy? Would it function like WordPress? Would it still be editable? I don’t like WordPress, but I need to build one so someone can do edits from a remote location.


@Badboy short answer is yes. You build you layouts, etc in Pinegrow then add the Wordpress functionality you require in Pinegrow using the Wordpress panel then you export the site to create the Wordpress theme. If at a later date if you wish to make changes to the site you open the html files you originally created in Wordpress, not the theme files you exported, and make any changes to them before exporting the Wordpress theme again and uploading the new version to GoDaddy. Hope that makes sense.

Hi Rob,

Thank you. Just want to clarify. After I build it and upload it to Godaddy’s server, can someone login to the WordPress admin area and edit those templates? I’m just trying to do this without directly working on Godaddy’s WordPress server if possible. In short I want to build the WordPress site in Pinegrow, upload it to Godaddy’s WordPress, where someone can login and edit the content.

For some reason I don’t think it’s that easy. Lol

Thanks again.

If I could make a suggestion, Badboy, why use GoDaddy? There are many, many cheaper and better rated hosting companies out there (example https://www.hostgator.com/managed-wordpress-hosting)

I can’t STAND GoDaddy. Even their own site is a confusing mess that looks different almost any time you log in to it, and often runs slower than slow.

I hear you Printninja. Not up to me. Lol… I just do the website. Not a big fan of Godaddy, or WordPress. Haven’t used it in years, now I have to build a website with it. I use to use Dreamweaver. Got tired of the glitchy software, no effort to really make it better, or put something in and take it out. I think

Pinegrow has something good going here. Get to use blocks, or code, and it’s built to the standards so you can even open your files in something else if need be.

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I don’t know what level of knowledge you have about Wordpress so I apologise in advance if I make some assumptions about your knowledge. Wordpress is a content management system with allows users to add content to pre-made templates. In the case of Pinegrow these templates are based on html layouts you create and add Wordpress functionality to, in Pinegrow, before exporting the finished templates aka “theme”. Then it is imported into Wordpress and activated. After that it is available to the end user (maybe you or a client) to add the content which will be displayed on the front end of the website.

So to answer this question “can someone login to the WordPress admin area and edit those templates?”
They are adding content to a template not editing the template.

Have you looked at the tutorials Pinegrow + Wordpress tutorials

Thank you Rob.

Sorry, I used the wrong wording. I should have said edit the content. Not a lot of knowledge with WordPress. I guess I will learn.

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