Wordpress menu other then a primary or social to be linked to PG smart menu?

In my PG WordPress theme I have a primary menu.
But on one page I don’t want to use that primary or social menu.
I want to use another menu that I setup in Wordpress.

In the PG Wordpress Smart section i dont see the option to link another menu, is that right?

Possible solutions I see:

  1. create a social menu that has nothing to do with social and use that in the smart action.
  2. create a widget area. Then insert via customizer WP a menu in that widget area and hope the styling will work

Any ideas here?

Primary and Social are the two pre-defined menus in Pinegrow. You can create as many as you want, though. Just give them different names.

It’s not uncommon to have separate menus 3, 4, or more different menus on a site.

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