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Just noticed a new section in customizer called widget blocks, I was wondering is this not supported yet in pinegrow? I wanted to create a footer with widget options and can’t seem to be able to add the widgets as I was able before, then it was just called widgets.

Maybe this got lost? I didn’t get an answer to this yet.

Hi - I can’t find this action. What version of Pinegrow are you using? Can you send a screencapture?

Hi Bob,

thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I didn’t explain well enough what I’m referring to is the new Wordpress Widget Blocks
I haven’t actually found out what to do with it, but I was used to adding footer widgets/sidebar widgets and then choosing from the widgets section in customize.php but now that seems to be gone but this new section is instead which I don’t know how to activate in Pinegrow so I can make use of it.
I have Pinegrow installed on windows 10 and Wordpress version 5.5.1

Can you show me how you are creating your widget area? Did you use a block instead of a dynamic sidebar? I have to admit that I didn’t buy ACF pro, so I can’t test this myself.

Just a normal dynamic sidebar, I haven’t purchased the ACF PRO plugin either.

Can it be that it has been moved from customize to under appearance > widgets ? Inside of wordpress

@grimur Regarding your question, I don’t have the answer yet (I guess I need to fully understand the situation) but creating “slots” to integrate standard WordPress widgets is definitely possible with Pinegrow and without any Gutenberg trick.

Adding standard widgets to existing “slots” that you have set in your theme is available from the Customize menu in WordPress.

A few (oldies but goodies) document about this:

Note: We use this in our ST2 demo ready to use demo site/project

@grimur @RobM

Ok, found!
It’s an ultra recent feature that is currently only available through the Gutenberg plugin (the development plugin for the (new) block editor in core) and not by default with a standard WordPress install.

See: https://wptavern.com/gutenberg-8-9-brings-block-based-widgets-out-of-the-experimental-stage
and also: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2020/09/03/whats-new-in-gutenberg-2-september/

From what I see (I tried it), the paint is VERY VERY wet and I will wait a bit more before digging more in depth. In the mean time, I still recommend using the standard way to add widgets to your templates.


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Thanks for the info, I redid the sidebar/widgets and it works again now :slight_smile: