WP Pinegrow theme not displayed correctly (but correct in WP editor)

Working on a WP Pinegrow theme, and when I exported the WP theme on the WP site, it does not display correctly at all.

See image attached: left if the correct double header menu (working perfectly in Pinegrow editor), and on the right the exported theme.

Not sure how to make this work? Also, few other things are not working well. I did not do much at all.
a) Loaded the html (working just fine).
b) created a simple WP theme via Pinegrow editor (nothing more than WP site, and its content).
c) export the theme, and display it in the same browser as used in a)

Thanks for your idea on how I could fix this.

It sounds like WordPress is added something you aren’t expecting it to add. What does your code inspector say about that section on the live website?
Also, just in case, have you tried a different browser?