[solved] Changes to a Pinegrow-generated Theme on my Online Website

I’ve exported and published a theme I created using Pinegrow.

Now, I need to make modifications to a menu block that I didn’t initially set as a block attribute. Do I need to export everything back to my local environment, make a copy (i use Duplicator) and then reupload everything online? How can I do this without losing the changes I’ve already made on the live site?

Have you tried the Pinegrow WordPress plugin?

Oh I finally see the benefit of the plugin… :frowning:

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Precisely, most of the time the desktop version is fine but you have just hit the perfect use case for the plugin.

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I guess is not possibile to edit a block created with the desktop app using the plugin ver of PG…

@red-rosefields you need to make modifications to your source HTML-based project and then export the theme again.

You can use the plugin for that: ZIP the source project (not the exported theme), import it into the PG WP Plugin, make modifications and export the theme.


Nice, I will try this, thanks!

I just imported the zip. So far so good. The pages are unstyled though. My 2 .css files are there under page setting. Any hint? let me tiner around
By the way, how do I switch to dark mode, don’t see the settings?

  1. Just export new version of theme
  2. Zip the exported template folder
  3. Install this zipped theme on the website, you will then see a message about updating the existing theme.
  4. You confirm and that’s it. Done.

Thaks Mono, this worked perfectly.