Zoom error Big Sur Mac


Sometimes Pinegrow get’s zoomed in without any reason on Mac and then I can’t zoom out and have to close the app.



@AllMediaLab did you notice any pattern when this happens? Are you using panels in multiple windows? So far we didn’t encounter this while testing on Big Sur.

Hi @matjaz,

Just tried it and it happened again. Just moved the mouse didn’t click or anything else.

Are you having this issue as you open Pinegrow?

In my experience, on Mac if you do zoom gesture on the trackpad then it will zoom, just like a page in a browser. So if you pinch with the two fingers again, it should come into the normal view. You can also double tap with two fingers once or twice as well.

By the way, do you think if you have mistakenly double tapped with two fingers?

Hi @abirana,

Thanks for your reply! I use a iMac for 12 years now and I have never had this issue. It only happens when I use Pinegrow and only after updating to Big Sur. And yes I know how my mouse and trackpad work.