0 components in project

I’m trying to make my first project, and now the main playground I’m working on has decided there are “0 components” in the project. I did copy the original template html file and gave it the name index.html.

I saw an old post on this with two people with the problem but no answer. Does it not matter? Is there a way to fix it?

I’ve found out it does matter. If I drag and drop images from my images sub-folder they get the driver letter, etc. I read that it would get a proper relative link. Well, looking that up, I find that if it isn’t a project, that’s what happens. So somehow I have to turn this thing back into a project, but I don’t know how. I do open as project andit says “0 components”… yet they are all there, things I am doing work fine (except for the links).

Components are sections of HTML that have been saved, using actions, for re-use in your project. Not all projects will have them. As long as your Project panel (the folder icon) has your HTML files and any other files/folders needed for your project, you are good.
There is one setting that you can elect to turn on/off that impacts the path to your assets (like images).

Under the “Support” menu there is a settings menu item.
In the Settings window, about 1/3 of the way down there is a section for “Internal Web Server & Proxy Settings” Within that section you can click on “Serve local projects from the server root”

This will make your paths when previewing more as you are expecting. This won’t impact what you are seeing in Pinegrow - only the browser. So in Pinegrow my code looks like:

But in the browser:

Typically, I add images using the Properties panel by clicking on the folder and then selecting the image from the file dialog. This brings them in with relative links right away like “images/bird.jpg”.

Aha! Thanks for the tips! So even if that is set, I won’t see it except in the output, not the Pinegrow screen. I can’t check that now because my magic 7 days expired and I have to go buy it…