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20 Responsive email Templates, for $12, Cyberchimps


Not really Pinegrow Related, but, as there are often requests about email templates here I thought I would post this offer and see if anyone takes it up and then uses it in Pinegrow, how easy it is to Modify etc

so here you go


Waste of money. Looks like they have just been lifted from Mail chimp.


Really? you think so? oh ok, they do say they will work WITH Mailchimp, but actually using Mail Chimps OWN templates to use WITH… Mailchimp. seems a little cheeky and, well, pointless really.

Why would they do that?
Are you sure/do you think , it could be the MailChimp emails you have seen are ALREADY using these templates? As if they are reduced to this price now, they have probably been out, doing the rounds for some time already.

CyberChimp stuff is usually pretty Kosher, I have used their Responsive free wordpress theme a couple of times, it really is handy - although they never created that either. I was using it from the previous Dev, before they took it over off him and re released a Paid Responsive II theme, built off it but still offer the free, standard template theme too.


Definitely similar to mailchimp but there’s only so much you can do with an email message. If you are using one of the big services they offer enough to get you going. Might be handy if you generate emails locally but why bother, people want to read words rather than look at pictures.