Html template review help

Hi, I am trying to come up with a simple html template for my current non-responsive website.

I have found a template that seem straightforward enough and supposedly easy to edit (I ma not too sure about the weight though).

It’s the Eleganter Theme built on Responsee.
Source fie:

I need your expert opinion on the following:

  1. will the theme be easy to edit on Pinegrow (I have little html knowledge but not much)
  2. is it considered lightweight (the template file is a whopping 16.3 mb)?
  3. if not, how can i reduce the the weight?
  4. I found a few tutorials on editing HTML pages on PineGrow but not many… am i missing something?

Your attention and help will be greatly appreciated.


@kohjonathan Seems like it should be straight forward enough to work with, the overall file size seems to be made up of the portfolio folder (8.5MB) in img folder and the content-animation.gif file which is 2.2MB. I don’t know what you exact needs are but I would imagine you wouldn’t be using these exact image files any way so that substantially reduces the overall size.

Opened it in Pinegrow and it seems like it should be easy to work with, see screenshot attached.

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While I’d never recommend (or use) a template, I’d seek for one which supports the pre-installed frameworks of PG (Bootstrap or Foundation e.g.) just because you could profit from the extended editor functions.

Honestly not. Nothing is easy to adjust without the required knowledge.

This is another honest one: Pinegrow is not really a “beginner” app. You won’t find tutorials “teaching” the basics which is HTML, CSS and perhaps a bit JS. So it’s for sure your own brew how far and deep you want to dive into a profession such as web-design.




I would like to also add:

That if you do chose to go that route, seek templates that use Bootstrap 4 or Foundation 6.4 so you get and can leverage FlexBox. I would suggest at least using Flexbox regardless of what approach you decide upon, templates or otherwise.

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