[3.0] Read Permission Error

This is a very weird bug(?) I have come across before and now it happened again with 3.0.
Whenever I start a new project or save my index.html file and open the folder it resides in
as a project - Pinegrow refuses to open it and prompts “Files of this type can not be edited in Pinegrow.”

If I open the .html document by itself it says that Pinegrow doesn’t have permission to read from D:/

Why is this a problem? Well I don’t usually store anything else other than software on my C: Drive. But I guess I will have to make an exception until it’s possible to get a fix. I’d appreciate if anyone knew how to give Pinegrow access to other drives.

This is still a problem for me.
If I try to open projects or files on another drive than the one where Pinegrow is installed, it won’t open.


Can you contact us at our support email and tell us (a lot more) about the situation (pinegrow version, operating system, network drive details and so on) ?

Thanks a lot.