This file can only open in code editor


I am working on a project where I had to change a few pages. I started by duplicating one of the pages, and I renamed it. Everything was well there, and I made the changes, saved them, and closed the page, and closed the project.

After I re-opened the project, the new page is grayed out. When I try to open it, there is a modal pop-up saying:

                       "This File can only be opened in code editor"

If I go to Code Editor, the page is there and opens, but it won’t open in Pine Grow Editor.

Some hint about how to visualize the page back in Pine Grow Editor?

What is the document extension? .HTML? Something else?

:slight_smile: Good Question, Emmanuel

It just gave me the answer!

I went to see the file through file explorer, and for some reason, the file had no extension suffix.


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