3.1 Text Editing RETURN key behaivour

Version 3.1 - "Improved text editing
Pressing Enter when editing a P or a heading will break the element at that point in two elements."

Why is this? This is a terrible idea. Ok, it is useful sometimes so it could be an option by using Shift - Enter. Most of the time when editing text I just want a line feed - thats what br is for - and thats what RETURN should do by default. Often blocks of text are pasted in from another text editor but need a bit of tidying with line feeds and white space.
Worse it is buggy. If there is an attribute like bold or italic then RETURN does nothing.
Sometimes pressing backspace/delete deletes the entire previous element, and it cant be got back with undo. Sometimes I’m left wih “BREAKHERE” embedded. and sometimes odd div’s are inserted inside the p paragraph.
Bizarre and too clever, please go back to a simple text editing system but make it foolproof for fools like me!

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From my experience with text editors the standard behaviour is return creates a paragraph and shift+return creates a line break.

That would be perfectly fine but it doesnt happen here.

Another idea would be to have on the menu that pops up in text edit mode a button to insert a br at the cursor (just as it inserts b or i) and another button which creates a new paragraph at the point where the cursor is.
If the developers are serious about making Pinegrow into the best web editor they will consider these time saving ideas.