BUG REPORT - Return Key behavior

Pinegrow Pro 3.1 WIndows 10 Intel i7

Start a new page Bootstrap 3.3.7 index.html
Add Row. Add Column.

Double click column text to enter text edit mode.
Highlight the text and select bold (or italic).
Place cursor somewhere in text and press Return.
Should get new paragraph but nothing happens.
Remove Bold and try again. New para as expected.

Add an image under the paragraph.
Add a H4 heading under the image.
Double-click the “Heading 4” to edit the text.
Put the cursor at the end of the line and backspace to rub out the text.
The image disappears and cannot be recovered with undo.

Bug still present in 3.11. Anyone else confirm?

Investigation about your report are in progress.

Thank you!
Please add a way to insert a br into the text. I suggest Shift-Return.