Blank paragraph break breaks Pinegrow

When you have a block of text and you want to make it into smaller paragraphs you naturally hit enter to create a new paragraph. That’s always worked fine and still does unless you want to break off an empty paragraph.

Before, if I recall, it would produce something like this. <p>&nbsp;</p>

Now it is producing this instead <p><br></p> and it is preventing the ability to work with both code and WYSIWYG connectively. ie. you can’t select an element block and have it highlighted in the code section. Total disconnect.

Nor does it create an error warning so you can track down what’s wrong.

This is just for the protocol - and how PG works IMO.

<p>    backspace (&nbsp;) creates a non-breaking space before and after this text sitting within a p-Tag.   </p>

Hit enter will create a new p-Tag.

<p>    Hit enter will create a new p-Tag.   </p>
<p>    This breaks longer text into smaller pieces.   </p>

Do Shift-enter keeps one p-Tag, but creates smaller chunks of text.

<p>Hit Shift-enter will create the self-closing break.<br><br>

This is for breaking long text in smaller pieces without creating a new p-Tag.</p>

All this requires the presence of an inserted p-Tag first.

But what I recall is, that inserting text in a simple div (without wrapping p-Tag), which happens accidentally more than often, will create the above mentioned problems. While this is not necessarily wrong syntax, it’s bad practice. Long terms short: I’d like to see PG wrapping “text” automatically into a p-Tag (and not leaving it alone).

This might be guessing (as often in my life) - so if this is not part of the problem at all - please ignore.