5.1 has issue when using <a> tag

Whenever I insert an “a” tag, a popup reports:

and then ‘sticks’ with my mouse cursor as I move it throughout the application. I have to close out PG to get rid of it. VERY ANNOYING!

Also, whenever I add/edit an image, several duplicates of it appear on my screen - I have to save and refresh to get rid of the duplicates (sometimes the duplicate code is NOT removed). VERY ANNOYING!

Is there anything that I’m doing that’s causing this?
(using a Macbook Pro 15" with Retina display, OS X 10.13.6)

How did you insert the A tag, dragged from library panel, copy/paste from somewhere, typed manually, …
Are you sure it’s valid, did you inspect it, and do you understand what this warning message means?

About the issues you experience with “duplication”, maybe you activate by accident the “Repeater” option, without knowing it. See this docs page “Section 4 - The Repeater” for more info about this feature:

I manually entered (typed) the A tag into the Edit Code window and no, the warning is definitely incorrect as the referenced "< " is the opening chevron for the A tag since it appears even if I type the "< " into an empty Edit Code block. Other warning popups also become ‘sticky’ while I’m working in the Edit Code window.

I never touched the repeater… the app does the repeating on its own.

I never experienced the A tag issue with version 5.0 but the repeating
issue did happen occasionally. If others are experiencing sticky warning popups, this must be a bug with v5.1

@randyrie this error can happen because you haven’t finished typing your code. Try completing it, i.e. link text

Also just noticed you’re using a capital A instead of a lowercase a

That’s the beauty of “by accident”, you are NOT aware why it happened!
It still could be caused by the “Repeater” feature.

That “error msg”, I think you need to split it in two, the reason why you got that warning, and why is it “sticky”.

  • Why you see it, is normally because of invalid code (code that is not properly closed yet is also invalid like @Rob mentioned).
  • Why is the error msg sticky at your mouse, that is weird behaviour and could be a bug.

Thanks for your input, Rob and Marf. I understand why the error shows and continues to display until the tag is closed… but the error does not go away after the code has been completed and the warning pane ‘sticks’ with my cursor until I reboot. I’ve reported this to the tech team at Pine Grow and they’re working on it as a possible bug. BTW, I’m using a capital A just here in this forum to highlight the tag type.

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Not sure what you mean here, @Marf ??

@randyrie You are not the only one that experience the problem with the “sticky” error message(s).
See this topic from @steveshead.

My english is pretty good (I think), but not my native language. So sometimes I maybe produce a weird sentence or use the wrong words in a context. Don’t know if thats the case why you did not understand “that part” of my previous post.

What I tried to say is:
You seems convinced that the duplicate code is not produced by the “Repeater” feature, which I can understand. But when you typed/touched “by accident” a numerical value (which can happen) before you did those actions (without knowing it, so you are not aware you did that and activated the repeater feature this way by accident). Then you got suprised with those duplicate code/elements in your page.

Of course I don’t know what happened, and I also don’t know if you triggered the “Repeater”. I only tried to explain what it may have caused, because duplicate code / duplicate elements don’t happen just like that. And the “Repeater” feature exists in Pinegrow and I think is the most logical explanation what might happened.

Hopefully this makes it a bit more clear for you!

Thanks @Marf
PineGrow has just released v5.1.1. which seems to clean up the ‘stickiness’.