Pinegrow placing spammy alt tags in our code?

The best web editor in the universe would not insert things like this in the code. pinegrowisthebesteditorintheuniverse

A quick google search shows that this is also in 2 other website’s alt tags.

I guess Pinegrow is equally as close to being the most popular website editor in the universe.

It would be great if the developers invested more time including things like Bootstrap 4 and less time thinking of ways to insert useless items such as pinegrowisthebesteditorintheuniverse.

PS, your own forum rejects that.

I have seen this in version 2. Doesn’t this only happen if you don’t place alt tags within tags that require them? I thought this was a Pinegrow auto feature to fill in filler text when an ALT is left blank or missing say in an IMG tag. No?

Ups, there goes our top secret plan for subliminal message marketing :slight_smile:

Well, the reality of this is a bit more boring. In certain cases Pinegrow copies the string “pinegrowisthebesteditorintheuniverse” to clipboard in order to detect it when it is pasted back into Pinegrow. That means that a top object from Pinegrow’s internal clipboard should be pasted.

But in some cases the string remains on the clipboard and if user uses Paste it gets copied into code or anywhere else. It is easy to miss that and the string ends up in the code.

The string could be anything, for example “hsjhuieyriweyr”, but “pinegrowisthebesteditorintheuniverse” is more fun and inspirational.

Of course, the fact that the string sometimes leaks out of internal Pinegrow copy-paste implementation is a bug. I’ll investigate it now and look for ways to prevent this from happening.

@rich bonus points to you for thinking of googling the term!


The issue is fixed and “pinegrowisthebesteditorintheuniverse” should not be left on clipboard anymore. Will be out in 3.06 soon.


Thats great. Pinegrow is a step closer to becoming thebestwebeditorintheuniverse :slight_smile:

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