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Annoying warning message whilst trying to edit in Pinegrow interface


Hi everyone. Anyone know how to get rid of annoying popups when using the Pinegrow interface? For example, I use Fontawesome 5 which uses CSS classes +JS to generate SVG content (it replaces the code). When I try to edit the code (click element on page, code appears in “Element code” tab) I get the following

It’s an alert entitled “Can not edit this element”. I can get rid of it by clicking “Edit anyway”. Problem is, as soon as I start typing again the annoying popup re-appears! I assume that it thinks Fontawesome is changing the code, therefore it’s warning me that the code is going to be generated automatically. Since I am fully aware of how Fontawesome behaves, I am getting frustrated by this repeated warning message! Anyone know if there is some secret config equivalent to “Don’t show this again”?

FYI: I am NOT attempting to edit the “dynamic” (generated) code, just the “static” (pre-generated) code such as CSS class name and static text within a tag.


Hi @zx3, it has probably already been noted by PineGrow team, what you have written and, they will probably have a fix in the post very quick :slight_smile: - it its possible.
Most pop up boxes have a dont show me this again tick box, but this is a standard one which -doesn’t - as you have noticed.

They will probably reply pretty soon, or mention a better way to do it. (I wouldn’t know what that is)

You could also post this here in the
#feature-request channel
#general:bug-reports channel

Another way to get attention to this is

Slack Channel
and go to #feature-request

Any of the above would probably just make things easier for them to track issues by keeping them together in one place (even though I listed four! )
and what needs to be done, even though you have done a fine job of explaining it here.


Maybe you can try using this?