5.7 Virus alarm / False positive and weird install

Just did the 5.7 install and it installed in a loop asking every time “Do you want to install…”.
This repeated it self for 4 times and my AVG virus scanner automatically send the .exe file to the AVG Lab for virus research and gave a warning. This is on Windows 10 latest OS and updates.
It is installed now, but I wonder what is wrong with the installer.

Hi @AllMediaLab

Pinegrow setup is clean from viruses and what you describe (warning, multiple messages and so on) may happen sometimes, particularly when we release a new version.

We do our best to contact AV developers but unfortunately, this is not that simple and with our regular updates, this is a never ending story …

There is a good old post about this situation : http://blog.nirsoft.net/2009/05/17/antivirus-companies-cause-a-big-headache-to-small-developers/

By the way, even if it’s a “false positive”, thanks for your report!

Best regards.

Hi earnoud,
Never had this with any installer.
Thanks for your reply! But how is is possible that the installer go’s in a loop asking every time to install?
Only clicked ones! The install stopped half way 4 times.
Did you downloaded the installer your self from the server and tried it in Windows 10? Just to see what happens?

To clearly answer your question, I try all the installers for each version we release and from Windows 10, I regularly get this kind of situation with Avast as well.

But did you downloaded the .exe from the server or did you tried the original?

I download and try the exact same version as you. (from the pinegrow homepage)

OK then I’m sure there is no problem, but still the loop is very strange

Agree, but I guess we have to deal with it for the moment as it is probably due to the AV verification process/engine. (as I told you, it is not systematic, but I got it also on Avast several times)

Note: Without the AV activated, the process goes fine.

OK thanks anyway for you quick response! Feels a bit better now!

You may want to shut AVG down then install the updates and restart AVG after install. I do not use that software but with Webroot for a long time it wouldn’t even let me download the EXE.

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I have the same specs as you described. Downloaded 5.7, ran clean scan prior to installing, & installed with no problem. Ran scan after & everything is clean. Just curious why AVG picks it up for you, but not for others. Could it of been something already on PC? Would like to know what AVG reports.

AVG first showed a pop up that the .exe was suspected malicious and send to AVG Labs for further investigation, 30 minutes later I got a report that the installer was clean and then they added the exception to to next update.