Accessing a local XAMPP server from an Android device

Anyone doing this? I’m using XAMPP and have it configured to use vhosts, so I can just type http://sitename.test in a browser on the same computer that XAMPP is running and I can run any site I have configured locally. However, while I can get as far as the XAMPP dashboard from my phone by entering in the phone browser (wi-fi into the same network) I haven’t worked out what I have to do to bring up my test site.

(And I’m getting fed up having to upload changes to my hosting company just to test something on mobile, because what I’m seeing in Pinegrow or dev tools mobile emulations on my PC is NOT the same as I’m seeing when it’s live.)

Thanks for any ideas, but please don’t suggest changing my test environment - at my age change is expensive. My wife turned my keyboard upside down last week and I’ve only just worked out the fix!


i find having the extra click to upload what i’m working on to the server is less of a pain than trying to set up my own local host… because i fear the exact scenario you describe with the LIVE results not matching the local results.

my FTP client can re-upload the same file (or file selection) at the click of a button, so as i’m moving to refresh my browser, i just click on the FTP client.

I can see a little green flash of the upload out of the corner of my eye as i’m hitting refresh on the browser.

and if i had more confidence in my php skills, i wouldn’t need to verify every single little tweek to make sure it’s doing what i expect.

I’m working on a Wordpress theme, so the upload gets a bit more fussy, and it’s not always clear which files have changed. For instance to change header,php, you have to edit index.php, but upload header.php, or just upload the entire theme. Unfortunately, Pinegrow appears to modify all or most of the files that comprise a theme, whether there is change or not so the upload is not instantaneous.

Also, I don’t want to mess up the live site, and I haven’t created a subdomain or another place to do the “true hosting” testing. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

yeh, that sounds far more involved than just getting a page to work, and i was not messing with my live page until i had all the php modeled and working the way i wanted it, so moving it to the live page was just a bit of cut and paste to bring in the functionality.

if they are already integrated then it gets busy quick, i can see that being a pain without a local host to at least test on, but you still likely need to set up another domain to mirror the full live site on the actual host so you can check for breakage before publishing.

you really need all 3 as a tripod unless you have 100% confidence your local host is the exact same setup of your live host… wouldn’t even know where to begin proving that out.