Accommodation or rental site

Hi Everyone!

Has anybody developed an accommodation site with Pinegrow?

Iโ€™m thinking of building one, mainly to see if can be developed fast and have a very customisable system.

i.e. easy to change around to use for both rentals and sales, also to be able to use for boats or land sales.

I know there are many plugins to handle this, but many of them fall a bit short on customisation. (any recommendations please let me know :slight_smile: )

Tesla Themes has a good looking template (Locales) with some functionality built in, but again customisation is not so great.

Wondering the best route for making property pages or custom posts.

Maybe using ACF?

Please send a link to any themes developed if you have any.



Hi Dan,

check out OceanWP, itโ€™s a free wordpress template. It has some core plugins that can be licensed for developer use should you choose to do so. It also supports Elementor. This is not a Pinegrow site, but it may suit your needs.

Be well,


Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: Ill check it out.

If you go with a custom build (or starting with a html template) and are comfortable using ACF, it should be possible using an add on for ACF

You should be able to find some here

With the customsearch add on you could add a search bar to filter properties created as custom post type types