Active tab - missing hover selectors

Would be nice to have the :hover state of a selector shown
Unless I’m missing something you have to search for the hover state to make changes.
eg. if I want to change colour of say btn-danger to a more subtle red - I click the specific button and amend btn-danger - easy but the hover state is not in the active tab

good timing! its there… but not very intutitive. We have just been having a chat on here about that earlier this week>
Well, ok I was whining like a big Jesse about it.

basically, unless I’m mistaken you have to actually CLICK each individual pseudo class tab…so that it turns grey, to activate it - which emulates its view state in the page view - in order to -see the pseudo class code listed in the visual editor, like this mentions

these pics show it.

But, if you do something that is buried within a @media query, then its a different ball game. My previous posts mention that, its a bit of a gotchya so keep. your eye out for that if you use them too in your interactions.