Add a keyboard shortcut to the "ADD CLASSES TO" panel

Hello everyone,

When working with the Tailwind CSS Framework,
we are constantly adding css classes…

It’s cool to add a keyboard shortcut to the “ADD CLASSES TO” panel

The advantage: steep opening shortcut to: search in the list of classes and apply it on the current elements, then, change elements, and again search and apply…

The key C being already taken by “code”, I propose to key A

Thank you I wish you a pleasant day

I could be wrong, but can you try Ctrl/Cmd+L

And I would also add this request:

It’s cool if this search has a checkbox option to search “also inside class content”!

Let me explain: often, we search with the name of the original class, and not with the name of the Tailwind CSS class

Thank you

COOL thank you Akayy
It’s complicated as shortcuts for such an essential thing in Tailwind but COOL thank you

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Hi @JoseFR,
Not quite sure I get your second request. If I type text in the search box I get back a long list including align-text-bottom, navbar-text, and text-body (so middle, end, and start).