Feature Request: Search in CSS


It’s possible to search in Code inside PG with Command + f on Mac.



Sometimes you have to find classes and rules in your style.css. Pinegrow makes it easy in most cases, one click on the element in the Sylt tap brings you tu the rule in the css-file.

But sometimes you want to write custom rules in the style.css which can’t be reached easily. So you have to look through the whole css file (or open the css file in a separate coding app). It would be really helpful if we could search directly in the style.css tab or the code tab in Pinegrow.

Hi, in my version of PG I just hit ctrl+f to search in the file.

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Ahh…thanks @jonroc ! On the Mac it’s command + f. I totally missed that (important) feature until now.

My pleasure my PG comrade. :smile:

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