Add Sitemap xml in Pinegrow PRO

Add sitemap.xml to websites we create with Pinegrow ( non wp sites), this is a basic and very necessary feature specially for those who add new pages in websites constantly.

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Absolutely! It’s something Pinegrow should offer. Just like robots.txt

Pinegrow could automatically update the tag in the sitemap when changes are done. I would really love this feature because I only use Pinegrow (no CMS) to create my sites and the Pinegrow CMS makes it possible to create even large websites with lots of subpages efficiently. So it would be very handy if Pinegrow could also create and update the sitemap and robots.txt automatically (just like webflow and many others do)

I guess that one of the big differences between webflow and Pinegrow is that Pinegrow is hosting agnostic. Some of the other builders are tied to a specific site/domain for each project, thus making generating the sitemap a little more turnkey.
I feel like PG is just one tool for development. Just my opinion, but integrating with a toolkit like Gulp gives you a wealth of additional options, like generating a sitemap, optimizing images, compiling JS, minifying (and prefixing) CSS, all in one swoop. While I love PG, putting all of your development eggs in one basket means that you are dependant on one development team for any updates/features.
Again, not an official PG position, just my opinion.

Thanks for your answer. I think Pinegrow could be more than “just” a development tool. It could be an alternative to Webflow running on your local computer with more possibilities and a better pricing structure. I use only Pinegrow to create Websites and it would really save time and open PG even more to people who don’t know how to write code if it could create a sitemap.xml and robots.txt automatically.