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More robust CMS built for Static Site Generation, directly through Pinegrow


I’d like to see a more robust CMS built for static site generation. Ideally, I’d love to see Pinegrow make use of master pages, components, and local XMLs/JSONs to automatically populate and generate a folder (or ZIP) of static HTMLs, which the user can simply upload to their preferred service.

Example uses for this:

  • Portfolio sites that make use of a single gallery + individual pages for each gallery entry.
    A user could ideally add an entry for a project, providing one or several images + a gallery thumbnail, title, description, and credits as necessary.
    When the user is ready to publish new additions to their site, Pinegrow could generate a new page for each entry (or regenerate pages for older entries if they’ve been edited) based on a master page template, and populate the main gallery page with thumbnails for each entry.

  • A blog that offers a list of entries, where individual entries can use different master page templates depending on their “category” or “type”.
    This would allow for someone to specify which template Pinegrow should use to generate their article. For example, one entry could feature a large full-width header image with title and author credits (like you’d see on an important news article), while another may feature a video, or a smaller gallery of images, etc.
    And, much like the portfolio example, a main “blog list” page could be automatically populated with all blog entries.

I originally had to move away from Webflow because I needed an offline tool that could produce static HTML, and Pinegrow won me over due to having what it called “CMS for static HTML websites”. Unfortunately, as I’ve made use of Pinegrow’s trial version and looked further into its capabilities, I’ve discovered that Pinegrow’s current CMS features don’t fulfill my needs. (either that, or the features that are relevant to my needs are extremely well-hidden.)

Pinegrow is a powerful tool for other reasons and I enjoy using it a lot, but my current options now are to either return to Webflow, look into a true CMS option, or reformat my website for a static site generator like Publii. Obviously, I’d much prefer being able to do everything with static HTML in a single application, and I don’t think there’s a visual tool out there that handles static site generation.


There are actually a variety of visual static site builders out there… Mobirise, Bootstrap Studio, Blocs, Dreamweaver, Pigendo and others. But I don’t think any of them are as versatile as Pinegrow. I don’t think any of them have integrated CMS solution, either.

You could also try doing a Google search for “bootstrap CMS” and see what’s available (assuming you’re using Bootstrap.)


Visual site builders are everywhere, but I’ve yet to find a visual tool that does CMS + static site generation, specifically. You can’t feed any of them an XML/JSON file and automatically build pages out of them. And most (if not all) of the dedicated static site generators currently out there seem to be command line/bash tools, even the ones that purport to be designer-friendly.