Admin menu adds extra items in Media

I just found out that all my WP themes made with PG — with or without Starter Theme — have two extra items in admin Media menu: ‘categories’ and ‘tags’. These belong to the Posts menu only and should not be repeated in the Media menu. What am I missing here? Don’t even know where to start looking. :expressionless:
Any ideas? Thanks.

Hopefully one of the WP experts can reply or you may have more joy asking in the Slack Community.

Yeah thanks. In the beginning there was only Slack, but then they started this forum and so we have to gamble … :slight_smile: I’ll try there also.

@Piro The upside to here is it doesn’t disappear as things get add to the forum unlike Slack so if you get a solution on the Slack channel maybe come back here and share what you discover so it doesn’t vanish into the ether never to be seen again! Also it will be very helpful for others that might meet this issue.

@Rob Yes you are right. I think this is better in the long term. Personally I think I would prefer to have everything in one place and independent.

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@Piro can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing. I’ve logged into an installation of the starter theme and I don’t see any duplicate categories or tags!

Thanks for looking into this.
Adding screenshot where categories and tags are showing up.
When you click them they’re exactly the same as in posts menu.

@Piro I don’t know why it is set up this way in the functions.php file that PG outputs but if you want to stop categories and tags displaying in the media submenu then open functions.php search for // Use categories and tags with attachments and comment out the next two lines. This will stop them from displaying! I guess the reason its implemented like that is because I can see how it would be helpful if you have a lot of images in your media library, there’s even plugins to add this feature to Wordpress.


Change to this:


Hope this helps.

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As usual, thanks Rob!

As for the why and why not, this is here to fit some of the features of themes created with Bootstrap Blocks. It does not harm even if you don’t use it.

Thanks Rob.

At least you know where to look for this :slight_smile:
So I didn’t do anything wrong, that’s amazing. :wink:

Although I understand from @Emmanuel the reason of its existence, I think I’ll remove it because new users find it weird to find post categories in the Media menu a second time. They expect it to be a kind of “media categories” then, rather confusing.