Categories and Tags not showing

Hmmm, it’s within the loop of course. Seems really straightforward . Seems like ti should work and I can’t think of anything else to do to make it work. But both the categories and the tags don’t display . . .

Any ideas?

Ack! I posted on so many other topics that it pushed my own question way down the list!

yes, I thought you might just have become a forum admin :slight_smile: your little avatar was everywhere,
like a rash :smiley:

Nice to have some Ûber active Members, it gives the rest of us a break when we are slacking. cheers

I’m more of a binge guy, in everything. Including posting on Forums. Besides, I don’t really have enough knowledge to be really helpful yet. As you can see from my question.

hee hee… yes I hang around the bottom of the intellectual food chain too and help out with beginners stuff mostly :slight_smile:

Well I’ll join you down on the bottom every know and then!