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What's the current status of Animator Pro?

I really want to buy Animator Pro today but I want to know what’s the current status of the plugin. It’s still in development and updated to the current version of Pinegrow?

And how the License works? It’s only for the current version of the plugin or it include new versions as well? Don’t want to buy it now just to see a new version released right after, forcing me to buy a new license once again. :confused:

Also… there’s any plans to integrated to PG as a core functionality in the future?

EDIT: @MhdAljuboori could you give us some more specific information?

I think the new ver has been under development for the last 27 years…:slight_smile:

Here you go.
you could use the search function on the forum too, its quite handy :slight_smile:Magnifying glass, to the right of the Forum Title.

licence is for the new version that is being developed when it comes out as well, so fire away and get it :slight_smile: you wont loose out.
That of course, is if you’d like too.

and the final response on that linked page was someone asking the current status of the NEW verion, 25 days ago. no response to that yet.

Yeah, I searched for answers before and found this post… but this post is old and the author of the plugin doesn’t seems active in the forum since Nov '18, so none of this inspire much confidence. Slack doesn’t have much recent replies as well.

For me is much more about the commitment of the dev with the tool than anything else, especially if I’m paying for it.

Animator Pro works with the current version of Pinegrow. It’s not the most polished plug in, but it will get the job done easier than hammering out the code by hand.

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While reading that other post once again, I found this reply of yours:

Big floating panel that can’t be docked or resized, that doesn’t close even if you close the project. You can close it manually by clicking the invisible “x” in the upper right corner. Also weird, but doesn’t take away from the functionality.

So… that’s the current state of the plugin? :cry: I suppose I’m gonna wait for updates, because that’s just sad. It’s understandable on a free plugin, but on a paid and “professional” one? No way.

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Yeah, that’s it. Like I said, it doesn’t take away from the functionality in terms of being able to animate objects. It’s just not a polished product.

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Can’t seem to find an active link to purchase Animator Pro on the website - all “Buy Now” buttons lead to a dead end. Am I just overlooking it?

It looks like the links to purchase have been removed. Strange. Unfortunately, I can’t offer any insight. I know the developer is hard to get in touch with.