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Animator PRO working with Pinegrow 3?


Whats nice, is pinegrow and everything associated, doesn’t add weird coding, so while these plug-ins make life easier, they also teach you, rather then the cowboy WYSIWYG editors that I used many many years ago.


Author of AnimatorPro :slight_smile:

a coupon which allowed me to download the plug-in for free

There was Eid when @Jaffy contact me, I gave some licence for free, so yes it’s just luck :smile:

I have a very nice idea to develop AP, I hope I can do it after releasing PG 3.0

Animate.css is pretty easy and straight forward to implement on its own. Waypoints is a bit more effort. But AnimatorPro Plugin makes for easy setup and usage of each in Pinegrow.

Edit: aninator-pro.js is using tram.js - Did it switch from using Animate.css , I don’t see it referenced? Now I am confused here. I’m gonna have to dig in, test and research things now.

There are two plugins Animator which is for free, and it uses Animate.css and Waypoints (you can find it here), and there is AnimatorPro which is paid and uses tram.js and Waypoints


Hi @MhdAljuboori ,

Thanks for stopping by, and your work on AnimatorPro.

OK that makes sense then, I was just previously unaware they used different frameworks. Good to know.

Thanks again, keep up the good work.


I had originally sent a message @MhdAljuboori with my concerns about this being compatible with 3.0 and never got a response back. I decided to purchase anyway, and now that I’ve downloaded 3.0, it’s not working. Everytime something is clicked on in a dropdown menu in AnimatorPro, I get a “TypeError: els.each is not a function”, or sometimes it doesnt even show up in the menu even though it’s activated. It’s a great pluggin, but when it’s not functioning properly, it’s useless to me in 3.0, which was the reason for my original inquiry that I never recieved a response about. Any ideas what this could be???



@MhdAljuboori being one of the dev behind Pinegrow V3, I’m sure the AnimatorPRO plugin will receive an update very soon :slight_smile:

Note: In the mean time, you can still use it with 2.951 (that you can still download from our homepage)


@dbdannyb7 I’m really sorry for the delay, we had a lot of work in PG 3.0 didn’t get time to respond. About your question, yes AnimatorPro will be updated soon!


Not a problem, I appreciate the team’s hard work to get 3.0 released. I have been patiently waiting like a little kid for the release to play around with it like a new toy. I understand Animator Pro works in 2.951. I was just letting you know of the bug I had using it in 3.0. I know that no program is perfect upon the initial release. Thank you to the entire PG team and the release of 3.0. I wish you nothing but success.


Any idea on the timeline at all on AnimatorPro working with PG3? It’s been 2 months since the post and has yet to be resolved. I’m unclear on the timeline of what “updated soon” means when it’s already been 2 months and have been patiently waiting. When I purchased the pluggin, if it would’ve stated it then that it wouldn’t work with PG3, I wouldn’t have spent the money for a non working pluggin. It’s just not feasable to me to have to learn the PG 2.9x interface just to use the pluggin.

Animation Plugin with Pinegrow 5

I have merged 2 similar threads about the Animator Pro plugin availability for Pinegrow v3 so the order of the different posts is a bit messy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Currently (october 2017), according to the author, the AnimatorPro plugin is ONLY compatible with (the rock solid) Pinegrow v2.951 which is still available for download AND which is still supported by the Pinegrow Support Team.

Users with a valid license (subscription or one time payment license) can use both Pinegrow V2.xx and Pinegrow V3.xx on the same computer without any troubles.

This topic is now closed until @MhdAljuboori (the author) announcement about the availability of an update for Pinegrow V3.

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