Any interest? (Did you know that Discord requires titles to be at least 15 characters?)

Hi All,
I’m thinking about setting up either a series of YouTube videos or a Twitch stream about making a Pinegrow plugin from scratch. This would be completely independent from the work I do for Pinegrow and would be mostly unscripted. Just me doing some programming and talking out loud about it. Plenty of mistakes. Probably some hunting on Google/StackOverflow for answers, including really, really simple JavaScript stuff that doesn’t want to live in my head for some reason.
YouTube versus Twitch
The idea of it being live/interactive through Twitch is appealing, but I’m not sure if enough people will tune in to make it worth me figuring out how to use Twitch!
EDIT: It seems like you can only save Twitch videos for 14 days. Looks like YouTube wins.
Any feedback would be great!


Hi, morning…on a Sunday…early on a Sunday!
Sounds like a good plan no idea what twitch is,will go and look now,

For anyone who wants to watch a person unfamiliar with Pinegrow giving it a spin on Twitch, here you go: Twitch

Well, 2 minutes in and I’m still looking at the PG licensing page and a guy with his finger up his nose!
So maybe DONT do one like that!:slight_smile:

4ight I’m off to move shed, will check in again later.
Good idea though, especially if its arccivable, try it!

I’ve not been much on Twitch, I’ve got probably all of my tech materials on YouTube. I mean if I’ve to look for something related to web dev, I’ll most probably search on YouTube or default Google search. So I hope most people had similar experience, but maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I can’t say which over which, but which ever you choose I’d love to see those videos.

I have followed your blog, and would definitely be interested in following you on this, thanks @RobM :slight_smile:

And thanks for choosing Youtube over Twitch!