NEW Complete Video Series for v6/7? 🤞🏼

@matjaz @Emmanuel - Hi guys!

Do you have ANY plans to produce an updated COMPLETE Pinegrow video tutorial series (NOT WordPress) from start to finish for v6/7? Your last “complete” NON-WordPress YouTube series was over 4 YEARS ago in v4.2, and the last mini-walkthrough was in the same year in v4.9. Everything since then has been almost purely focused on WordPress.

I have backed Pinegrow from the beginning, and don’t get to use it as much as I would like. As a result, I have to re-learn it every couple of years which is always a daunting and difficult task with such extremely outdated videos. A LOT has changed over the last 4 years since v4 and v5, and I feel like a NEW complete video tutorial series from scratch is well past due.

As many members have pointed out on here over the years, your biggest hurdle for attracting new customers is the barrier of entry due to intimidation factor and the steep learning curve. I can’t help but think that this obstacle could be heavily alleviated by having a regularly updated Official Video Course that your customers could rely on. And I don’t mean a bunch of random, individual, niche-goal WordPress videos. :upside_down_face: I am talking a thorough, 4-6 hours (or more) making sure to touch every feature and button of the CORE Pro version, prepared in a modular way that could be easily updated as new features and versions were released. The exact same way that Udemy courses are planned, executed, supported and maintained for years. Actually, a FULL Udemy course would be even BETTER. I would be more than willing to PAY for a complete Udemy course that I knew would be updated on a regular basis, and I am sure there are many other users on here that would be willing to do the same.

After that, you could even produce a separate WordPress course, since I know how much you guys favor that platform! :grin:

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to jumping back in! :+1:t3:



Hello @PwrSrg

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
Yes, Pinegrow contains hundreds of great features & evolves regularly and if it seems very useful/expected that a big course could/should be shot at every change, it is indeed not the case, we regret it, but at the same time, we try to keep our documentation up to date and we regularly add educational content, templates, tutorials … (that are not necessarily related to WordPress :slight_smile: )

Have you had a chance to check out these documents that contain information totally in line with Pinegrow’s current features:

As well as these sections related to the major features of Pinegrow:

But also the huge amount of content available here:

All these sections are carefully updated, but if you should find a fundamental difference with the existing one, we will make sure to correct it.

Also, beyond the basics of using Pinegrow, do you have any questions about specific points or process that could use some urgent attention?

Hi @Emmanuel , thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, those are the exact videos I was referencing in my original question, your first suggested link being over 4 YEARS / 2 Versions old. I have watched all 3 of those short intro videos numerous times over the last 4+ years, but they barely even scratch the surface of Pinegrow’s feature set, and aren’t anywhere near “Complete” by any stretch, which was the main premise of my question. But if those are all still “totally in line with Pinegrow’s current features” as you point out, then I guess Pinegrow hasn’t evolved nearly as much as I thought over the last 4 years, or last 2 versions.

So based on your response, I will take that as a NO - that as of right now, you have no plans to update your current video course (v4/2018) for either v6 or v7 as I had asked. Might I suggest that you at least consider it for v8, as a 4-version gap is very long time by industry standards. “Every change”?? Not at all. But every MAJOR version?? ABSOLUTELY. :blush:

Thanks you for your honest reply.

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We’re always absolutely happy to hear any suggestions, but it’s also important - because everyone has different expectations - to be able to target what’s expected.

  • The use of Pinegrow’s features? > in which case, I personally find that the various videos & written documentation currently available cover the typical workflow quite effectively - I find myself using these documents very regularly to refresh my knowledge on features I don’t use every day, but YES, there is always room for improvement
  • Web design in general (with Pinegrow)?
  • How to build a landing page?
  • How to build an ecommerce?
  • How to build a corporate site?
  • How to build a personal site ?
  • How to build a landing for a Podcast ?
  • How to build a fan site ?
  • Learn Bootstrap?
  • Learn Foundation?
  • Learn Tailwind?
  • Use Vue.js with Pinegrow?
  • Use React with Pinegrow?
  • Use Angular with Pinegrow?
  • Use Ember.js with Pinegrow?
  • Use Backbone.js with Pinegrow?
  • other?

Can you please also take a look at my questions below?

@Emmanuel ,

Its interesting to see what i posted a year back is being posted again by @PwrSrg. I hope you see the reality of the situation. I am like @PwrSrg . I have been using PG on demand basis and every time I get to use i get lost due to new version and absence of a full tutorial. I see the subject of WordPress is again rising. Too much is skewed towards WP and it sure is frustrating to see new things popping for the past few months in the YouTube only to find that its all about WP. Sigh!

Like @PwrSrg , i to am willing to pay for likes of Udemy for a full start-to-end course. PG should realize that world around them is evolving and they may be lagging. The likes of Vuejs , Laravel and Codeigniter have all evolved and PG is missing on these counts. Why? I feel that they may be too focused on WP. Do you how many of us are looking for a development tool that can integrate Vuejs, its components. VS Code is an editor alternative but lacks the WYSIWIG at the point of adding code which PG has.

Anyway, I have said enough. The weight rests on PG shoulders. I just found an online development too that works well for Vuejs - and pricing is the same as PG.

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Regarding your comment about Vue.js, this topic is of great interest to us and will soon be integrated in Pinegrow. On this occasion, we will not fail to document its features.

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That is really great. Frankly, VS Code is good in editing, I am looking forward for this component in PG. It should be sooner as things are moving quite fast in the Vuejs arena.

:grinning: :ok_hand: :+1:

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58 HOURS worth. TWICE. :star_struck:

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