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Any plugin developer care to make a WP plugin creator for PG


Hi there,
So i have been thinking of getting in to wp plugin creation and it would be nice to have a PG plugin to take care of all the scaffolding so the development speeds up instead of doing it manual.

Something that makes a empty plugin where you can edit the different parts would be a time saver.
I would be willing to pay for something that could help me with the boring stuff when creating a plugin and make it a bit easier.


Perhaps I am talking out of sorts here as I don’t currently have the WP version of Pinegrow. But I think there are some wordpress plugin scaffold templates on github or to be found elsewhere, etc., Try Googling: “wordpress plugin scaffold template”


Yes you are right there are some plugin templats around ,i used one some years ago.
However i think a smart plugin developer can simplify it a lot.

Something with a scaffolding template where you can use PG to easily style the plugin afterwards.
I am not a php developer but a C# developer and anything that can simplify the process would be great and I could learn more about php along the road creating the plugins.