Visual Composer

is any way pinegrow add Visual Composer plugin. is one of the best plugin editor

Hi @philgrow My understanding of Visual Composer is that its a Wordpress plugin so you can buy it and add it your Wordpress plugins. Personally I’m not a fan of VC as it adds a lot of extra code unless you’re willing to stick with it forever or spend a lot of time if cleaning your code when you decide to move away from it. Using Pinegrow you can create as many pages/templates as you want and add your content in Wordpress and free yourself from being tied to a plugin in future.

Hi Rob

Thanks for your comment, still learning about pinegrow and I find some difficulty and time consuming to add codes to it for wordpress. I have though it was kind drag and drop and there is some people here have developed plugin for wordrpess.

I have been using Visual composer for 4 years and i find it quite easy to drope colmun and raws in the fly and i have test the sites on google dveloper for speed and visual copmoser do not have impact at all

The pinegrow tutorial for WordPress is quite poor that is how i feel


As @Rob said, Visual Composer is a “page” builder plugin for WordPress while Pinegrow is a (TRUE) Theme builder.

But, the good thing is that you can create a very simple theme with PG and then use Visual Composer to create your pages.

Hi Earnoud

I have tried to embed Visual composet but did not work at all with any plugin

the tutorial is not enough for to add this plugin


@philgrow here’s a link to a udemy course on how to create a Worpdress theme using Pinegrow ( It is based on an earlier version of Pinegrow but you should still be able to get value out of it. Created by @Emmanuel

There is no specific tutorial for all the existing WordPress plugins.
Any well crafted theme created with Pinegrow should handle any WordPress plugin with no troubles.

BUT, maybe you missed something … : Can you please follow the instructions about how to use the right jQuery version in your WordPress themes projects with Bootstrap V3.3.x and keep us posted about the results with Visual Composer plugin?