Anyway to get rid of the Leave site? alert

Anyway to get rid of the “Leave site? alert?”
After a command option save, I always get a “Leave site? alert.” It’s a big time waster.
PG Leave site?

Hi @kat,
Sorry I missed this earlier. That is really odd behavior. I don’t get that pop-up. Version of OS and Pinegrow?

macOS Mojave v 10.14.6
just installed PG 6.3.
This may be interfering with VSC as files sometimes aren’t save properly and I get a VSC request to compare or overwrite when I open in VSC.

Does it also do this if you select “Save all” from the menu instead of using the hotkey?

If I then close project from menu it doesn’t do it. But if I command q it I get the evil Leave site alert.