Quitting Problem in Pinegrow

I open an older site and make a minor text correction. The page saves, shows no errors, but on quit I get a warning box that says “Leave Site?, changes you made may not be saved” Cancel, or, Leave. Leave exits the site and all the changes saved anyway. Not sure I see the point of this warning, either there are errors or there are not.

Can you tell us more about the Pinegrow version, your operating system …?

Hi, Yes a bit short on technical info. Pinegrow version 5.971, on Mac OS 10.14.6. Pinegrow closes OK if you end using the red close button, but if using the menu File>Quit or Cmd Q then the error shows, but only if a change has been made to the page. The first time was when I commented out a script from the page. I re-installed the page from a backup and only made a change to some text and left the script intact again it happened, so not due to the commenting out.

I would be interested in the same attempt using PG 5.973.
Your annual license is over or you just don’t want to update?

Hi, not according to my account, renewal is set for 2nd November 2012.

I have just updated to 5.973 and I have reproduced the error again.

I think it has something to do with editor, it does its usual when you start editing, ie it throws up a syntax error before you have finished editing, so naturally is wrong. You finish editing and the syntax error warnings go. But it seems to retain this in memory and throws another error when trying to quit.

Thanks for your collaboration :slight_smile:
We are going to check the situation.

Note: I think there is a typo/mistake with the renewal date from your last answer as it does not fit with what I see in our system. Please contact us at for more details.

I think there must be an error, when I click the link to my renewal that is definitely the renewal date that shows. There does not appear to be an option on this to attach an image, as I could send you a screen grab. I purchased an extension on an offer of yours, and after cancelling Snapshots which wouldn’t work on my Mac you refunded me by adding some more time to by subscription.

Sorry, 2nd November 2021, but still active.