Applause for PG 7.1

I just wanted do say thank your for all the small but very helpful changes in PG 7.1 :heart:

But I have one more thing to mark, I use PG on a large screen and I liked the 2 columns style tap as it was before in Pinegrow. I think it changed in 7.0.5 or so. I see no possibility to set it the way it was before?


Interesting, I hadn’t noticed that. The Tailwind panel still goes to two columns, but the Style panel does seem to behave differently.

Thanks @Riccarcharias!

The active tab always goes to the left. If you stretch the panel further, the Visual CSS should go into multiple columns. Not sure if we changed anything there (maybe just a breakpoint at which the layout change happens).

Or is it something else you have in mind?

Thanks @adamslowe and @matjaz !

I just liked the older view more. I could see more on less space. The active rule was shown above the visual editor. I haven’t figured out how to set it back.

@Riccarcharias there is a way to get that: resize the panel very slowly, at one point that layout appears.

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Ah, ok there is is! Thank you, @matjaz ! But you can really see it in a variation of a few pixels. Maybe there is a way to make this kompakt layout visible in a bigger range…


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@Riccarcharias done.