Are mp3's now globally supported on all browsers now?

I’m curious about something… Previously, you had to also include alternate format audio files, along with the mp3 one… and then that seemed to go down to only needing you to supply 2… and now it seems like all browsers support mp3s… but, I wanted to just verify that.

My new site requires a simple mp3 player (for sample clips of music). Just a play/stop button is all I need.

I frequently see what appears to just be the skins/elements for Bootstrap audio players, but I assume there’s no functionality built into them (they are just the interface elements).

The few audio players I do find online utilize an swf file… and I wasn’t sure if that is still something that should be used. Or, is that just there as a fallback, and not the main method? The whole point of me doing the new version of my site is to make it not rely on Flash (and to make it mobile friendly)… so, again, I just wanted to be sure of the proper way to be doing this.

I would have assumed I’d use the HTML5 tag… but, like so many newer things, that doesn’t have full browser support, and apparently requires fallback code. That’s probably a bit beyond me, so I’m just trying to find something that is a bit more old-school, but compatible.

@ladlon hopefully this answers your question:

Hello again. Rob. Thanks for that.

Ya, I discovered that site shortly after buying Pinegrow. Really helpful!

That’s actually why I asked… Looking at that chart, it seemed like the days of needing the three formats as the standard HTML5 video tag support files are gone… Looked like it went down to 2 files (mp3 and ogg), then NOW (at least based on that chart) it seems it’s down to 1 finally (aside from the Opera mini, which I can live without, I think).

So, I just wanted to make sure that’s the case… that (these days) I can get away with just an mp3. That would be great. I never dealt with oggs before, and am not even sure I have anything that can convert to them (…I probably do. I just may not have noticed, since I haven’t dealt with them before).

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