Icons not showing


I downloaded the Bootstrap 4 audio player on https://www.jqueryscript.net/other/Bootstrap-Audio-Player-Playlist-jQuery.html and unzipped it to a folder. I want to make some changes to this player, so I opened this folder as a project in Pinegrow. Somehow I don’t get to see the icons for ‘play / pause’ and ‘next’ , but only the textcode. And that doesn’t change when I open the ‘Preview page in browser’ (localhost) within Pinegrow. But when I open the same html-file directly in the same browser (Firefox), then it shows the icons correctly. I’m confused.

There is an error in the markup instead of the word “lass” you need “class”

Ah … so simple … thanks a lot!

So you confirm the issue is fixed on your side ?

Yes, sure. I added the missing “c” where necessary with the html-editor and now it is fixed.
This is by the way a nice mp3-player with playlist support. I’ll add it to a post about the search for a mp3-player.

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