MP3 player for website?

Hi. I’m building my new website using Pinegrow, and am wondering if there is some sort of MP3 player module/block available, allowing visitors to play sample clips of my music. Nothing fancy… just something with a play/stop button for each clip (…either a separate player for each clip, or a single player with a playlist you can jump through… simpler is better).

In my previous site, I was using a swf-based player I found online, but that was years ago, and I’m not sure if there is now something better or better compatible with today’s setups.

Have a look at this:

Thanks for the reply, Earnoud.

Yeech… I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to HTML5 video/audio tags. I was really let down when I learned about them. Initially, it seemed so clean and simple… just a clean video/audio tag… until I read up on all the support code/files that had to accompany it. Suddenly, not so simple…

Embedding video was one of the main things that finally made me quit doing websites… such a pain (…I’m looking at YOU, Internet Explorer…).

I was hoping someone had made a contemporary audio player block I could just drop in, and not have to make 3 separate formats for each clip. Really sad to see this still hasn’t been unified to one format.

Well, if I have to, I guess I’ll have to create the auxillery formats… (…Dry heave…)

You don’t have to make three separate formats for each clip. Virtually all modern browsers support the .mp3 format with the HTML5 player. It’s really very simple. There are no support files or code needed. Embedding a clip is as simple as…

Hi, Printninja… Ya, I checked out the current compatibility chart for mp3 and the audio tag, and it’s looking pretty good. Finally!

I suppose I could just use the audio tag, with the Controls set to true, and that should give me what I need. I’ll have to check that out.

Thanks guys.

Ajax/xml loaded audio player is very neat because people can visit your pages without interrupting audio stream.

You can get how it’s done in rascal template/theme :

or checking google to find some hints …

Thanks for that, but I’m after something where the user selects from a list of songs (rather than it continuously playing). It’s for the Music section of my portfolio.