Attribute editor in Pinegrow desktop and live work differently

I just installed the live version and am enjoying it. I also notice the problem with attribute editor “runaway” problem has been fixed. Thank you so much.

The attribute editor in Live and Desktop version work differently. In the live version, when i enter an ID attribute the value of the attribute is in double quote but in the desktop version it is in single quotes.

The live version is more correct as all the literals are in double. The desktop, while all the literal are in double quotes the attribute editor injects a the values in single quote. Looks like a trivial problem but needs to be fixed asap as there could whole lot of confusion especially when we embed single quotes within double quoted literal.

Please fix this soon.

Hi @murugappan,
Are you working on the same project with both the desktop and live to verify this problem? I’m on a Mac (10.14.6). With the latest desktop version if I open a pre-made template, like the Bootstrap 5 Professional Services template, and add in an attribute, it is added in double quotes. I even tried creating an element that had a pre-existing attribute with a value in single quotes - the attribute added with Pinegrow desktop came out in double quotes. I tried the same test on Pinegrow live and always got double quotes.
Maybe try to restart Pinegrow desktop and see if the problem persists, or try a new project to see if the problem is project-specific?
Sorry for the inconvenience,

This is absolutely weird. I tried so many times with different projects and they all had the same problem. I decided to uninstall the live version and reinstall and now everything seems to work fine.

Geez, I am surprised at myself. Thank you so much for the quick reply.