UI deselects attribute editor while editing value

While inserting an attribute in the attribute editor the UI deselects while I’m typing.

Unless I get a single character inserted it becomes impossible to finish the value. Inserting the “key” is fine it’s just when I press Tab or Enter to insert the value.

You can see from this gif that as soon as I tab over to the value, the cursor disappears.

Sep-15-2021 09-33-15

I have experienced this for a long time, did raise it with Pinegrow support, hopefully they can prioritise fixing this!

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Hi @fakesamgregory and @Akayy,
We will look into this. I thought the issue had come up before and was fixed. @Akayy do you remember when you brought this up?

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I just updated today. Still issue remains

My apologies @RobM, couldn’t find the email addressed to support at my end, but I have the note about this issue in my Notes app, so probably I missed to send this one across.

But, I think this has been a issue for a while… not sure if it was fixed and has resurfaced. Thanks for looking into this one!

Hi @Akayy,
No worries, I was just trying to assess if it was fixed and then re-occurred, or was never fixed.
Thanks so much for looking,

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