Auto-selection functionality/icon option for panel tabs to panel projet


Could you add auto-selection functionality for panel tabs?

In JetBrains software “Always Select Opened File” Source code navigation | IntelliJ IDEA

Synchronization of tab selection between:

  • the HTML panel
  • the code panel
  • the project panel

I think the option should be added in the 3 panels, with the choice of which other panels to synchronize: automatically or by a target icon.


  • if I click on tab in the HTML panel, the tree structure in the project panel unfolds
  • if I click on tab in the code panel, the tree structure in the project panel unfolds

Thank you,
I wish you a good day :slight_smile:

Hi @JoseFR,
I’m not quite sure what you are asking for, sorry. If there are two pages open, clicking back and forth between the tabs in the Page View changes the DOM tree, the Code panel, and the Project panel between those pages.

@RobM if you go to the source code tabs, and you have their html tabs open, if you switch code tabs, the html tab doesn’t switch; conversely: if you switch the html tab the code tab switch it

@RobM in my suggestion I propose to automatically unroll the hierarchy of the project panel, when clicking on an html or code tab, when you have many sub-folders it’s very practical :slight_smile: go see the “target” icon ” at IntelliJ)