2 differing *Edit Code* Views

I have just noticed and am wondering why, there are two different edit code views?

these ones


So the top image is one of the < > Element Code pane view,
and the bottom one we see, with the blue band along the top is the
One we see when we right click on an element/component in the Tree View and select edit code.

this second view, with the blue band, will stay on that one particular block of code, until we right click another and select show code it also has the copy to clipboard icon.

The tip image has the ability to change its contents with each new element selected, but for some reason is MISSING the copy to Clipboard icon.

Shouldn’t this be present on both? (even though I myself mostly use keyboard shortcuts, )
Or is there some other differing functionality between them too?

If There is NO differing functionality, other than one keeping the selected elements code and not changing (which is handy) then shouldn’t they both have the clipboard icon for those that use it?
To prevent confusion between the two views, if they are looking for it and its gone.

And is it better to use any particular one for any particular task? as opposed to the other?

Also, is it my memory playing tricks or did we used to be able to have muliptle right click edit code views at the same time? I thought so,
but now, there is only the one.


yes, I thought we could.
I just fired up PG 2.951 and yep there, we can open multiple edit code views from the right mouse click and have them all visible at the same time.


Not sure about multiple “pop-up” code edit windows.
But with the “pin” icon you can pin them to the “element code” panel to have multiple code sections of them.

Oh! so. you can!
I have never use that.
well a lie, I V A G U E L Y remember using it a long time ago and being excited, but that was a long time ago.
Thanks for the reminder! Totally forgot that. I will check that out now, see if there Is a way to get to pin one of them under the other too, not just side by side. But I see the point of that view too.
But one under the other would seem to make more sense if you have a few of them as they just squash up when stacked horizontally, with really short lines of code.

You can pin multiple code sections (don’t know if there is a max.), to the “element code” panel. And the current selected element is always the last one at the bottom (if you have more than one section).

If you select an element that is already “pinned”, a blue border is flashing around that pinned section, instead of added the same twice.

oh ok, well they are side by side in my view.

and the right click./ edit code view, disappears and is then pinned to the code pane.

one above the other with the current at the bottom would be handy.
how to get that view?

True, you are right! If the panel is wide enough they are placed “side by side”.
I am used to have that panel smaller and then they are placed under each other.

If you make your panel smaller, you will see they are going to be placed under each other at a certain wide.

Gah! how stupid of me!
yes…If I drag the Edit code view DOWN…so it is deeper than I wanted, it appears one under the other!

I just had a shallow view for this pane as I wanted it to highlight the one bit of code, when I had the whole Page view underneath it!

So if I drag the edit Code pane DEEPER, yep, side by side.
how embarrassing!
SO I shall leave this post here to same others the humiliation,
But , since your here mark,
could you give me a hand with something over on the slack channel, for drop down navbar operation?
Ive posted in on there already.

Cheers, …in excited anticipation