Split code/design view request

I’ve been using Pinegrow now for 2 weeks. I’m probably in the minority here as my main purpose for using the software is in designing responsive email templates. I have two suggestions for future updates.

  1. Would like to be able to dock the code panel either left/right to be able to have a split horizontal code/design view. I find myself working more efficiently when I can see more code on a screen. (I’ve attach a screenshot of how I am setup now. But I do not like the floating code panel.)

  2. Update devices list to more relevant and modern ones. For example iPhone 5 and Nexus 5x came out in 2012; 2015.

Hi there @rsantos. just letting you know, you already can dock the code editor.

as shown below, just drag the code editor tab… to the edge you want it on and you will see double dotted lines appear.

Release it when you see that. and it will attach to that edge.
top, bottom
left right etc.

You can do this with ALL the tabs , to create the layout you want.

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@schpengle Thank you. I feel a little foolish now in submitting that request. I guess that’s what I get for being a newbie to the application and not reading about all the features. Will set up my workpanel that way now.

I felt just as foolish when I learnt about it, quite some time ago.

and I dont know how familiar you are with all the Bootstrap / Foundation frameworks etc aa well, But I would recommend setting up the Tabs something like the following.

Element Properties and the Style tabs side by side as some fo the functions look very similar in the visual editor.

Element properties shows all the Bootstrap/Foundation class helpers etc in the visual editor.

Styles shows all. your home baked css styling.

side by side you can see and compare and usually , use the FRAMEWORK helper classes first then go wild with your own CSS if its not sufficient/cant achieve what. you want to with the Framework classes.

Matjaz has made some really good tutorial videos on all of this.

so mine look like this

so that I can see where the same stuff applies and which one I have used.

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