Awkwardly constructed Slideshow-Site – quick Pinegrow adjustments possible?

Hi All,
first post by a Non-Coder with a problem which may or may not make sense to look into with Pinegrow.
It’s a simple but technically awkward constructed presentation website (a full screen slider in a single page with different views). It runs ok on Desktop but shows some bad performance issues on mobile devices:

  • The presentation needs to download fully before starting to browse, otherwise the display goes haywire. One either needed to make sure that one can’t start swiping before the download has completed or had to implement a smarter load behaviour altogether. Currently 95% of mobile users will likely just bounce.

  • The presentation no longer fills the full viewport on mobile devices

  • The swipe functionality doesn’t work as reliably as it should

  • As the presentation has a landscape layout and simply scales down (no breakpoints) Tablets and Phones should display a note which asks viewers to rotate the screen.

I would like to fix these issues with the least effort possible – but in the end I was already on my way to completely rebuild that presentation in Revolution Slider or similar. Then however I remembered Pinegrow and its ability to simply import existing websites.

Maybe it’s really possible to open that thing and to make it run ok on Mobile, without a lot of effort?
While still in doubt I thought I could at least ask :o).

For anyone who wants to have a look – the URL is here :o)

I had no performance issues whatsoever on my phone. It downloaded immediately, and the swipe functionality seemed to work fine. It quickly became obvious that the presentation would be better viewed in landscape format, but I have to say that even there, I found the info in the slides rather small, and hard to see.

I think the problem is you’re trying to shoehorn a presentation that works fine on a large screen into something that will work on a much smaller screen, and it’s just not translating well. Everything is just too small on a mobile screen. Even the hamburger menu is hard to see/click, and the icons are hard to touch. I think you’re going to need a completely redesigned presentation and layout for this to be effective on a small screen device.

Thank you very much for having a look Printninja!

Hmm, that surprises me.
Recent feedback (on newish Iphone) was that the site didn’t work well, it even crashed Safari.

Yeah, I definedly tried that shoehorning bit – but iirc things weren’t quite that small originally: The presentation used filled the screen better, title bar was hidden, the Hamburger menu larger and further to the left.

Do you see potential for quick Pinegrow based interventions?
Or do you rather think one should redo this Slider in some Slideshow Maker?